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About Bike Blast:

Hop on your BMX and race through the city, dodging obstacles and performing cool stunts! Bike Blast is a superbly polished 3-lane running game, developed and published by our creative team here at

In the style of Subway Surfers or Temple Run, you control your character, while jumping, sliding, ducking and diving over oncoming obstacles. Collecting coins as you go, you'll be able to upgrade your collection of powerups, including the funky looking magnet-helmet and the snazzy hang-glider - allowing you to get even more airtime! There are coins and collectables aplenty - you won't be needing unlimited coins!

Featuring a wide array of cool characters and costumes, there is a high level of customisation available. These range from Ninjas to Robots to our Pizza Delivery guy, Bubbles the Chimp! There are vibrant environments and destinations to enjoy, such as vibrant New York City streets, and mountain biking in the Park. It's an excellent bicycling extravaganza.

The Bike Blast game was originally created with Unity, for mobile devices, but we can now bring you a web based version using WebGL technology! Bike Blast game is free to play here at unblocked for your online gaming enjoyment. Be a true Bike Blaster - mod your bike, choose your rider and rush down highway 76!

How To Play Bike Blast?

Bike Blast is very simple to play, simply use your arrow keys to jump, slide and change lane in order to avoid the tricky traps that lie in your way. There's no need to cheat or hack!

Release Date:

Bike Blast was first launched on mobile devices on 1st December 2015. Since then, it has had many updates to add extra features, improve performance and to create a whole new user interface. 

This web version was launched in May 2017 for you to enjoy on your desktop or laptop computer.

Can I play the game on tablets and smartphones?

Yes! Bike Blast game is available to play free online, or to download via your favourite AppStores. Simply click the buttons below or search the PlayStore or App Store for "Bike Blast"

Why should I download the mobile app?

More funky characters!
Epic events!
Ultra-smooth performance!
Regular updates!
Full HD Graphics!
Lightweight APK


Use your arrow keys to control the player

Press the space bar to use a protective helmet shield

Press the space bar rapidly to increase power in downhill sections.

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