Adam and Eve 7 Functu

Adam and Eve 7

About Adam and Eve 7:

The seventh game in the hugely popular point and click adventure puzzle series, Adam and Eve 7 stays true to it's roots and provides a familiar experience for fans of the earlier games. It's just what you'd expect from Adam and Eve games; cute and colourful graphics, funny animations and thought provoking challenges of rising difficulty as you progress through the game.


The game begins in what appears to be a normal day in Adam's prehistoric realm. The day soon livens up and becomes a lot more interesting, as a huge dinosaur has taken a romantic shine to our lead character. The first task of the day won't be a morning coffee today. Instead, you must help Adam and Eve figure out how to distract the dinosaur and run past him - to avoid being smothered and crushed by 90 tonnes of pure love. From there, the story continues in the manner you would expect, Adam faces more conundrums that will test your problem solving skills. 


The Adam and Eve series was developed by Norwegian indie developer Functu

Hints and Tips:

  • Stuck? Try clicking on everything and anything. Most puzzles can be solved with trial and error.
  • Really stuck? Click the question mark button in order to receive a free hint - but don't waste them as you have a limited supply.
  • Think of each click as one step in the puzzle.
  • Don't forget to click on the Characters to make them move.
  • If they won't move, then it means there are more steps to the puzzle that you must first complete.


Adam and Eve 7 is extremely user friendly. Simply click (or tap) on parts of the screen to interact with them.