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Angry Gran

About Angry Granny:

Angry Gran in an action packed side scrolling whacking game. Granny got mad at the vandalism and crime in her neighbourhood, so the story goes. She completely flipped with rage, and decided to take back control of the streets in her own unique way. Bash the punks and props with your wacky weapon as you walk past them to extract coins from them. You must collect an ever increasing amount of coins per checkpoint in order to continue to the next one.


  • 7 insane weapons, including the famous inflatable hammer and the glorious Light Sabre.
  • 30 levels of attributes to upgrade
  • 6 useful boosters - try the lucky horseshoe to earn more cash!
  • Beautiful 2D vector artwork
  • Now available to play on mobile and also in browser!

Tips and Tricks:

  • Click and hold to charge your power. Release the weapon at the right time to whack your target.
  • The more power you hit something with, the more coins you will earn!
  • Try not to miss! If Granny misses a swing, she'll be temporarily incapacitated.
  • Do not hit the policeman, he will put you in jail!
  • Upgrades are crucial to progress - don't forget to upgrade after each gameplay round!


Angry Gran HTML5 was developed and published exclusively by ourselves, LTD in 2019.

Can't get enough of Granny?

Angry Gran has been the star of many games, and even an animated cartoon on YouTube. Check out the first hilarious episode, entitled "The Fast and the Frail" on YouTube now. Alternatively, try Angry Gran Run right here on


Click (or tap) and hold to charge your powerbar. 

Release your mouse (or finger) to swing your weapon and hit the targets

Earn enough cash to pass the checkpoints

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