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About Angry Gran Run

Angry Gran Run is the original and best endless running game around. Everybody's favourite Granny is back again, and she's still intent on chaos! In this edition, it's time for a Granny Run through the Mexican streets. Race through an endless level of wacky, funny and downright silly obstacles like decorated skulls, cactus carriers and the musically talented mariachi bands! Collect coins along your run and use them to upgrade your powerups. Keep and eye on your missions and daily tasks too! These can provide nice rewards, and will help to increase your score multiplier - allowing you to get the edge over your friends!


There are a multitude of different powerups available in Angry Gran Run. Here is a quick rundown on them!

  • Slow Time. When activated, this slows the running speed down greatly and allows you to pass even the most tricky and speedy areas!
  • Sprint. Using this powerup will send Angry Granny into overdrive as she sprints forward at lightening speed - allowing you to get further into the game, faster.
  • Invincibility shield. This powerup gives the Angry Grandma a shield to protect her from the traps. Simply focus on collecting the coins and ignore the obstacles! Handy! 
  • Coin Multiplier. My favourite powerup of them all, Coin Multiplier increases the amount of coins that you get!
  • Magnet. Always tremendously useful, the magnet attracts coins to Angry Gran, from all areas of the road. You'll earn much more gold coins with this active!
  • Multi-coins. Probably the most useful powerup. Each time you reach a distance target, such as 2000 metres, coins will double, or even triple  and quadrouple in value. It's raining coins! Yeehah!


  • Mystery Tokens which you can get from the shop, or find during a race. These provide many different prize rewards, some of which are really helpful, like the impressive top prize of 1 million coins! You can find Zappers, Karate Belts, Ketchup and Tyres here too, which help to unlock four funk-tastic new characters.
  • Boost gives you a rapid headstart at the beginning of a run. Use it to get further, faster, and reach those higher scores and valuable multicoins!
  • Super Boosts are, unsurprisingly, like the regular Boosts, but better. It's the ultimate headstart.
  • Double Jumps can be useful if you have misjudged an obstacle, allowing your to get out of trouble
  • Resurrection wings last for 30 seconds. During this time, if you crash into an obstacle, Angry Gran will be completely unharmed. We always knew she was an angel <3
  • Super Resurrection functions in the same way, but lasts for the entire duration of the run!


There are lots of fun, sassy and cool characters for you to play with in Angry Gran Run. Some of my pesonal favourites are The Barbarian, who earns double coins for hitting punks, and Captain Cuddles who has two distinct advantages: Firstly, powerups will appear more often when playing with him, and secondly, he's as cute as buttons!

Developer & Release Date

Angry Gran Run is an original game and Intellectual Property created by ourselves, It first launched in 2011.

The history of Angry Gran

Angry Gran's first appearance was in the flash game Chav Buster which saw her on something of a vigilante mission to clean up her downtrodden neighbourhood. Inspired by a teenage memory of an elderly lady attacking two of my friends with a shopping bag and an umbrella, the idea seemed to translate well to a video game. The flash game was a limited success, but we felt the character and idea had huge potential. We decided to bring the game to iOS firstly, with some rebranding and redesign, Angry Gran Smash was born. The game proved successful and we knew we had something special on our hands. Some months later, we found ourselves brainstorming for ideas for our next creation, and the idea of having Angry Gran running in a 3D game setting resonated across the development team. The rest, as they say, is history! Angry Gran Run launched first on iPhone and shortly afterwards on GooglePlay, where she proved a big hit with players. Since then, the game has undergone many overhauls to improve it from it's original forms. 

It was soon decided that everybody's favourite Granny should appear in new and exciting genres. Angry Gran Toss saw players tossing Granny from a cannon as far as possible, whilst avoiding dangerous obstacles and using super fun boosts and jet packs. Angry Gran Racing soon followed and saw Gran putting her uphill driving skills to the test. She went on to feature in a word guessing game, a colourful match-3 puzzle, and the arcade classic Angry Gran Radioactive Run.

In 2018, we decided that Angry Gran had earned her own cartoon series, the pilot of which is available on YouTube or exclusively on Gran's website, Titled "Angry Gran Adventures: The Fast and The Frail" , we saw the beginning of Angry Gran's rage brought to life in a beautiful animated format.A family of no good, noisy thugs moved into her neighbourhood and set about annoying Granny. The previously placid and peaceful old lady was pushed too far and decided to get mad, and then to get even. As she exploded with rage, she rushed to her garage and created a stupendously cool custom kart. A road-race with the punks is inevitable, which plays out with hilarious consequences! You can watch the entire episode on her YouTube channel.


Press A and D keys to move left and right, this will allow you to avoid narrow obstacles, and to earn a chain reaction in the punk takedown section!

Press Left or Right arrow keys to turn corners

Press Up arrow key to jump and Down arrow key to slide

Press Spacebar to activate the Wings Powerup.

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