Cut the Rope 2 Zeptolab

Cut the Rope 2

About Cut The Rope 2:

This is the second game in the famous Cut The Rope series by developer Zeptolab. The games originally became a sensation on mobile appstores as far back as 2010! Since then, we have seen the main character, Om Nom, feature in many sequels, spin-offs and even his own animated cartoon series. 

Cut The Rope 2 features the familiar mechanics found in the original release. Cut the ropes at the correct time and angle to direct the candy to Om Nom and feed him. Collect all three stars whilst you do so in order to unlock later level packs and prove yourself to be the puzzle master. A cool and casual arcade type puzzler, with increasing difficulty, Cut The Rope is a perfect game for people of all ages - it's easy to learn, but difficult to master.

Hints and Tips:

  • Take your time - assess the situation and make your moves at the right time.
  • Trial and error - if you don't know how to solve the level, simply experiment by cutting the ropes in a different order.
  • There is no penalty for failing a puzzle - you can retry the level over and over again.

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Use your mouse (or swipe) to cut the ropes.

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