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Doodle God - Rocket Scientist

About Doodle God - Rocket Scientist:

The latest in this popular puzzle game series sees a familiar gameplay that will enamour itself to players of the previous games. Beginning in prehistoric times, your task is to help civilisation evolve from basic beginnings through to modern and even futuristic inventions. To do this, you will combine elements, starting with the very basics. Combine Fire and Water, to unlock a brand new element - steam! Combine Humans with Tools and you'll unlock three new elements; metal, paper and glass. The more elements that you have available, the more combinations that you can try, as the game expands upon itself. It's a fun-filled journey of discovery suited to those with a curious and inquisitive mind, definite fun for players of all ages!


  • All new elements and combinations to play with.
  • Achievements to work towards and test yourself
  • Rare artefacts to find.
  • Puzzling mini-games to unlock as you progress through the game.
  • New gameplay modes to unlock, like the Technological Revolution


Doodle God is a project by the developer JoyBits.


Doodle God - Rocket Scientist is very easy to learn and play. Simply click or tap on the different elements and buttons to interact with them.

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