Flappy FootChinko RavalMatic

Flappy FootChinko

About Flappy FootChinko:

A fun and colourful sports game that in truth could be described as an arcade game, a reaction game or even a puzzle game. You begin the football tournament of the Oceania Cup with control of the New Zealand team. In later levels, you will get the opportunity to play as other more famous teams such as Brazil and Italy. But for now - focus on level 1!

The objective of the game is to move the ball up the screen using the walls and various helpful objects on the screen, and eventually into the goal. You can pass to your teammates,or even to the defenders who will release the ball in a random direction. Be careful with the obstacles and traps though - if your ball hits the electricity, it's game over!


This game was created by Spanish game studio RavalMatic

Release Date:

December 2019

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To play the game, simply click or tap to make the ball jump upwards. Be careful with timing and aiming!