About Minecraft:

Minecraft is an open-world sandbox-type simulator. You can choose to play online multiplayer, or a single-player game, where you can build your world or create one with your friends. Minecraft has many different features, for example, you can edit your character and choose your own Minecraft skins or you can create your own private servers for you and your friends. Whenever you leave the server everything you create will be saved and you will be able to return and continue where you left off. 

If you've ever played the console game Terraria, Minecraft is just a better 3D version of that game. Minecraft is a super famous game played by the likes of pewdiepie and skydoesminecraft.

Although Minecraft may seem like a bunch of blocks, the future of Minecraft graphics is looking bright, literally! With the new next-generation consoles coming out soon the Minecraft RTX feature will be added allowing amazing in-game visuals.

Developer and Launch:

Minecraft was created by Mojang and Markus Persson on the 17th of May 2009.


  • Although Minecraft may be fun and games You need to create a nice safe house because at night the mobs will come out. If you are not careful you might get blown up by a Minecraft creeper.
  • Minecraft is the best selling game of all time but doesn't worry you can find online versions for free.

Where to play Minecraft?

Minecraft is available on your browser and on androids as well as iOS. It's also available to play free right here on!


Minecraft is very simple to play. You can use the arrows to move and you can left-click to place a block.
If you right-click you change your build mode so you can destroy block rather than place them. If you press enter you will save your game progress.
You can also use the number keys to choose the block that you are building with.

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