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Silly Ways To Get Infected

Silly Ways To Get Infected Overview:

The latest instalment in the "Silly ways" franchise, Get Infected is a clicker game in which you have to try and help keep yourself and your friends, who are also silly monsters clean. You need to help your monster friends by giving them masks and soap. You can do this by using the mouse and clicking the left mouse button to help move your friends around and keep them at a safe distance for things like proper social distancing. If you can't help your friends in time you'll lose a life if you lose three lives
then it is game over.

Editors Review:

Fans of the series won't be disappointed, as Silly Ways to Get Infected offers a friendly and familiar experience. Essentially the game is a series of very short mini-games, which test your problem solving under pressure and reactions. Quick thinking and dexterity are a must for this game, though the game does offer a handy revive feature for when you inevitably lose all three of your lives. The puzzles are generally well designed and balanced offering just the right level of challenge for younger audiences.Many of the mini-games are not immediately obvious as to what you need to do, but trial and error is your friend here. They can all be solved by using your mouse (or thumbs!) to interact with the various elements on screen.


  • Don't worry if you fail a level or don't understand how to play it.
  • The mini-games keep repeating themselves, so you will have plenty of opportunities to try to figure out each one of them.
  • The game speeds up rapidly as you complete levels.
  • Fail to solve 3 puzzles and the game will end - try to get a high score before this happens.


The Silly Ways To games were developed by TinyDobbins

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Use your mouse or fingers to solve the puzzles as rapidly as you can. Some require you to click on certain areas, others require you to drag characters to move them. Other levels require super-fast repeated clicking/tapping. All controls are done via mouse or touching the screen.