Skydom The Pew Pew


About Skydom:

A colourful and cute match-3 puzzle game, in the style of Candy Crush Saga. A familiar concept, yes, but Skydom has more to it than initially meets the eye. 


  • PvP Mode where you must collect more candies of a certain colour than your opponent
  • Daily Tasks.
  • Facebook connectivity for social gaming.
  • Friends leaderboards so that you can compete for pride and glory
  • Interactive level map


The Pew Pew


How To Play Skydom:

  • Drag two adjacent candies to swap them.
  • To successfully swap the candies, the new positions must result in a match of 3 or more identical candies.
  • Create special candies by forming four-of-a-kind or even five matching candies.
  • Creating t-shaped or l-shaped matches also rewards you with special candies.
  • Try to combine two special candies for the ultimate powerful moves.