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About Smashy City:

How much destruction can you cause? In Smashy City game, you take control of awesome monsters as you go on a smashy road through the city, annihilating anything that crosses your path! Published and developed by our team here at , Smashy City instantly became a SMASH HIT game on mobile. Now, we can bring you the free online Smashy City games to play in your web browser!

A casual but highly addicting game, Smashy City is here unblocked for you to play on AceViral. Featuring iconic monsters such as Kong, Harry the Wolf and Polar Claire, there are tonnes of monsters to choose from. If you play on touchscreen devices, you get access to smashy city all monsters - there's no need to hack or get unlimited coins.

How To Play Smashy City?

It's very easy to play Smashy City, just use the left and right arrow keys to control your beast! Aim to destroy the buildings, and the road traffic. When you have inflicted enough damage, your rampage bar will be full, and you can press the space bar to enter RAMPAGE MODE! Rampage mode vastly increases your speed and attack strength for a short time - you should use this to smash more things or evade the armed response!

Oh yes, armed response. Once you start wrecking the city, you didn't think the authorities would sit down and take it, did you? No, no, no. This city fights back. You can expect to see waves of police cars, choppers, army tanks and artillery. Of course, they are no match for the tremendous powers of your monster! You can engage them head on, and trample them to the floor like dirt! Be careful though, if they manage to hit your monster from behind, you will lose hitpoints! Once you lose them all, it's game over - and time to see how many millions of dollars of carnage that you caused!

Smashy City Cheats, Hints and Tips

There are no cheats as such in Smashy City - but there's no need to be hacked off! My personal tips would be:
  • Collect as many coins as you can
  • Open as many gift boxes as possible - they are full of coins
  • Hatching new monsters is always a good idea
  • Aim to get Rare, Exotic and Epic characters
  • The rarer the character, the more health and speed points he has - which means you can play for longer and inflict much more damage!
  • Aim for explosives like the oil silos - they'll destroy the enemies that are on your tail!

Can I play Smashy City 2? Can I play Smashy City Monster Battles?

Yes! We have all of the Smashy City games here for you to play for free! We know that they Smashy City games are awesome crazy games!

Is there a Smashy City Wiki?

You can find the official Smashy City Wiki free and exclusively on soon!


Arrow keys to move, Spacebar to use rampage

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