Snail Bob 8 Azerion

Snail Bob 8

About Snail Bob 8:

Snail Bob is a famous and popular series of casual puzzle games. The objective is always the same; to interact with the different tools and traps to help Snail Bob reach the end of the level safely.


The Snail Bob games were created by Hunter Hamster

Release Date:

Snail Bob 8 was launched originally in Flash many years ago. In late 2018, a HTML5 remake was released to be compatible with modern day browsers and mobile devices.

Tips and Tricks:

  • There are 30 challenging levels to test your thinking and problem solving to the maximum.
  • Each level contains 3 stars for you to collect - get them all to get the ultimate completion. 
  • Many of the stars will be hidden. You will need to look carefully and think hard to unlock them all.
  • Click on Snail Bob to stop him from moving.
  • Make Sponge Bob change direction by clicking the button in the top right hand corner of the screen.


Snail Bob games are very simple to play.

Simply click or tap on the various switches to activate them, or undo their action.

Touching Snail Bob, or pressing space bar will stop Bob from moving. Clicking him again will make him start to move again. 

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