Sniper Shot 3D DAB3GAMES

Sniper Shot 3D

About Sniper Shot 3D:

Sniper Shot is a 3D shooting game with simple and clean graphics. You must complete a number of missions of increasing difficulty to complete the game and prove yourself as a truly super sniper. 

Tricks and tips:

  • To start the first level, use the WASD keys to walk forwards.
  • Act quickly if you wish to earn 3 stars as the levels are timed.
  • When you shoot, there is a lot of recoil, which makes it impossible to shoot many bullets in a row because your gun will jump away from the target.
  • Be ruthless - wait for the scope and crosshair to be on the target, then unleash your shot.


Created by Dab3Games

Release Date:

Spring 2020

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Desktop Controls:

  • WASD to move the character
  • Right click to enable zoom scope
  • Left click to shoot
  • Move your mouse to aim

Mobile Controls:

Use the on screen controls