Temple Run 2 Gemioli

Temple Run 2

About Temple Run 2:

Temple Run 2 is the sequel to the original smash hit game Temple Run, which was released on the AppStore in August 2011, before taking the charts by storm. It was one of the first of the 3D Running Games to make it big on mobile platforms, which have now evolved into a whole genre themselves. It took only 3 short years for the game to amass a staggering 1 Billion Downloads.

The game:

Temple Run 2 sees you playing as Guy Dangerous, a fearless adventurer, or Scarlett Fox who is a master of escaping. You begin in an Aztec style jungle temple, where you are being chased relentlessly by a demon. Ahead of you lies a maze of corners, traps, narrow pathways and perilous danger! Collect the coins, go for the powerups and try to run as far as possible!


This version of Temple Run 2, Relic Runway, was developed by Gemioli

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Desktop Controls:

Use the arrow keys to jump, duck, slide and lean sideways. When you approach a corner, press the left or right arrow key to turn.

Mobile Controls:

Simply swipe your screen up, down, left or right to control your character.